Turkey – Training for the Institutional Capacity Building on Climate Change negotiations


Project name: IOC III – Supporting IOC Climate Negotiator Group in its Preparation to the UNFCCC COP23

Client: Ministry of Environment and Urbanisation – Turkey

Funder: AECOM

Project duration: August 2016 – December 2017

Project area: Turkey, Spain, Belgium, UK

Type of service:  Policy advise and capacity building



Main objectives: 

  • Capacity building to staff of Turkish institutions involved in climate negotiations
  • Training Turkish institutions on the climate negotiations and Paris Agreement implementation
  • enhance the capacity of Institutions of Turkey’s staff and other related stakeholders about the Paris Agreement and its implementation



Main results:  

  • First and second training session (Turkey)
  • Climate change negotiations simulation (Turkey)
  • Three study visits to EU Countries (Belgium, UK and Spain)
  • Workshop (Turkey)
  • Closing event


Final outcomes:

  1. Gap analysis and training needs assessment report
  2. Trainings on climate negotiations
  3. Findings from study visits
  4. Findings and recommendations for the climate negotiations



Useful resources:

  • Online e-library: https://www.iklimturkiye.org
  • Climate change negotiations manual and glossary


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