RENA Resilience School


Project name: 
Resilience School

Client / Funder: RENA, GeoAdaptive, Accademia Galli

Project duration: October 2015 and November 2016

Project area: National

Type of service:  Education and Training

Partners: RENA

Technical support:  GeoAdaptive, Accademia Galli



Main objectives: 

Train more aware citizens and administrators to design the cities of today and tomorrow. A residential learning experience designed for people who want to take care of the contexts in which they live, from their communities. A group of selected students (maximum 30), four days together, a unique location in its kind, a multidisciplinary faculty, and an experience of community.

What are the “fundamental” for the resilience theory that can be reflected in environmental policies, regional and urban planning to help control global change? And, more importantly, what the fundamentals that constitute a credible and reasonable framework conditions – general and specific – of the urban settlement resilience? The declination of the concept of resilience in spatial planning and use of resources in an “anthropocentric” logic is not that immediate, nor simple. We must address several issues, both theoretical and methodological character. And should be reduced to a sufficiently coherent model the many interrelationships between human activities, land use, planning and design criteria, natural resources, land, environmental and systemic risks.





The theme of resilience, declined in its various forms, it is now commonly called as the principle “inspirer” of government land and resource policies that combine sustainability and adaptation to climate change. We thought it useful and appropriate to arrange a time for discussion and exchange between different experiences and professional backgrounds and technical-scientific, with the aim of sharing methodological principles and approaches, but also deployment scenarios of plans, projects and management systems ” resilient. “

The goal of this training initiative aims to be the one to define a cognitive framework within which the administrations and professionals can activate skills and tools to increase the responsiveness of the socio-economic system to the multiple crises now afflicting our. The risk society, as defined by Ulrich Bech, is able to see in the crisis an opportunity to regenerate the area by encouraging the participation of citizens, as private enterprises in the great challenge of resilience.





Intro – Piero Pelizzaro






Project Partners: RENA –


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Main results:  

  • Training courses
  • Final Report



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